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CPU Pentium 3 600MH
RAM : 512 MB
VGA 3D Acceleration
CPU Pentium 4 1.8GH
RAM : 2048 MB
VGA 3D Acceleration
You need to install the game client for game play. The game may not run properly if your PC is below the minimum PC requirement. System Requirements Before installing Knight Online, we recommend you perform a basic system check. Indicated minimum specifications are required to play Knight Online, and if specifications of one of CPU, RAM, VGA is relatively lower than the rest,gameplay may still be possible. Windows 2000 is the basic OS supporting Knight Online. Note only partial game aspects are executable and smooth gameplay is not possible with Windows 98.

1 [OBKO-PK] Click HERE to download client files.[DOSYA.CO] 17.7.2021
2 [OBKO-PK] Click HERE to download client files.[MEGA] 17.7.2021
3 [OBKO-PK] Click HERE to download client files.[DOSYA.TC] 17.7.2021